The Ups and Downs of a LEO Lifestyle

Let me start off by saying that I guess I was always meant to end up with a LEO. It all started when I used to work for my County’s 911 Center, as a police dispatcher/calltaker. With working the hours I worked and with the rotating days off it was kinda hard to date anyone else. I mean who could deal with everything we dealt with day in and day out? I actually met my LEO on scene of a vehicle fire one night. I am also a volunteer firefighter. We had spoken many times before over the phone and radio but that night we had met face to face. A few days later we met up at the local WAWA ( a convenience store) while he was working and I was on my way into work. We exchanged numbers and started chatting. It was a few years later that we actually started dating. Since then I have left the County and started working for a local police department. This has worked out to our advantage. We now work the same days/nights and have off at the same time. Makes things much easier for us compared to having a phone relationship or using vacation days just to go out to eat.

One of the reasons that I think that my LEO is the absolute best is that he relocated to the township he works for just to be with me. Just ONE of the MANY reasons that I LOVE him bunches. I love sharing the funny stories of things we have dealt with at work with each other. It’s nice to be able to laugh sometimes instead of always worrying. It can help take the edge off of a bad day. We have a ton of stories between the two of us that we could probably write a book. Hmmmmmmm? Maybe one day.

He makes me feel protected, safe and loved every single day. I know he is there for me no matter what, just like I am for him. We are each other’s support system. I know what he deals with out on the streets just from a slightly different angle. I know the types of calls he is responding to and how they can go from bad to worse in a blink of an eye. I see how proud he is when he gets acknowledged for the good he does in this world and share in it. I feel the pain he feels when things don’t always work out for the best. I know he will do everything he can possibly do to come home.

I understand the darker side of their job all too well with the murder of one of the officers I worked with. He worked opposite of me but it still hit home. I will never forget that day or the subsequent days that followed. To see LEOs from all over the country come to show support was just amazing. Even the community was supportive. This may sound a bit strange but to see everyone come together to remember and honor a hero was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen but I NEVER want to experience it again. To have to do so means that another hero left us too soon, another LEO spouse and family (both blood and blue) are hurting and will have to rebuild their lives without them.

The officers that I work with are MY officers. They are family to me. I protect my family as my family protects me. There is a saying we in the fire service, that can apply to law enforcement as well, that we do everything possible so ……… Everyone goes home. 

Lisa, LEOW